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The Good Hair Day

When it comes to my hair, only the best will do. I’m fussy like that. So trying out the new ghd aura hairdryer was a must.

ghd aura hairdryer exclusive to Selfridges

Okay so I have a few things I need to mention with this review. First of all, I haven’t changed hairdryers in a long time, as I never felt the need to. But the fact that this hairdryer boasts a lot of benefits really drew me in. It uses Laminair – a technology that concentrates the air stream into one section, rather than blowing your hair away like the back of a jet engine. This instead concentrates the air onto the desired area. You can hold a section of hair with your brush and use the nozzle on the dryer to concentrate the air onto this section, meaning that the hair doesn’t look frizzy and wind-swept afterwards. The hair is kept calm and relaxed, so to speak, due to the reduced speeds and heats, meaning that it will look so much sleeker and shinier after drying. 
The settings for said speed and heat were both really useful. The hottest setting really does go quite warm, so if you need added heat for speed, this does help. But the best thing about this hairdryer is that it enables any person to dry and style their hair at the same time, due to the reduced speed of the dryer. As it is not blowing your hair away when moved nearer, this dryer allows you to brush through the hair, position the dryer above and begin styling that section in the same way your hairdresser does. By using a rounder brush at the roots, you can add so much lift and volume into the hair.
When I tried out the Aura, I dried it in my usual style, hair flipped upside down to add extreme root lift. Whilst this took a tad longer to dry than my other hairdryer, I could tell the air stream was more concentrated and that the dryer was slower and quieter. It still didn’t take me very long to dry, but afterwards my hair was definitely feeling pretty dang good – shiny, healthy and sleeker than normal.
And probably my final favourite thing is the design. It just looks super cool doesn’t it?! Really sleek and shiny with a detachable nozzle. Plus it is pretty light for such an innovative product. This is a dryer I will use when I want to blowdry my hair into a style using a brush, which isn’t something I do very often, but perhaps that’s because I needed this dryer in my life.
Who’s putting one of these on their Christmas list?!

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