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The Diorskin Star Foundation and Diorshow Mascara

There’s something about Dior that sends most beauty lovers a flutter. You can count me as one of those also. But there’s no wonder when they bring out products like these…

Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation in Cameo
Diorshow Waterproof Mascara
Dior Fluid Foundation Brush

It was only recently that I tried Dior Forever, one of Dior’s most coveted foundations. I think I need to experiment more with my base, as I stick to the same foundations a lot, especially when I know they’re a good match for my skin. Yet, there is always something better out there, which I found when I tried Dior Forever. Dont worry a review of that is coming soon also. So, after I remembered just how fantastic Dior products can be, I started to notice advertisements for Diorskin Star everywhere. Dior’s new foundation had hit the market, and I immediately needed to try it.
The clever people at Dior have apparently spent two years developing a formula containing pigments that help to diffuse light when it touches the skin, capturing natural light on the face and enhancing your features. So no more dull skin. It is also enriched with titanium, which supposedly neutralises imperfections and corrects unevenness, so this is a god-send when it comes to having your photograph taken. 
But moving away from what it says it does, to what I have actually noticed, as thats what you’re here for, I must say that their claims are pretty spot on. As soon as you apply it to the face, you can notice a radiance and dewyness to the skin, similar to the brightening effect of the much loved Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, yet without a shimmery appearance and with much more of a natural glow. It really awakens the skin with a medium-high coverage yet a light-weight feeling. This certainly doesn’t feel as though you’ve applied a cake to your face, as you can often find with higher coverage bases. This is definitely buildable too if you’re after a few extra applications to your problem areas. But for anyone with dull skin, looking for a boost of radiance, this is a fantastic product to try. For ladies with older skin, this would work wonders, really enhancing and brightening whilst adding a natural dewy finish. 
I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, when I chose this from the online shade selection, I went for Cameo which looked spot on. In fact, it is too dark for my skin and too pink toned, but that certainly didn’t stop me trying it on to write this review. In the photos above, I have applied the foundation and extra bronzed down my neck to make everything look the right colour, plus with some blush and contour, the difference is not as noticeable. But I will 100% be going into a store soon to purchase a lighter shade. Im thinking Ivory or Linen, as I prefer the yellow toned foundations and it appears that online swatches are not quite true to shade. 
So would I recommend the Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation? Absolutely yes? For medium-buildable coverage, a beautiful radiance, dewy finish and a light-weight and natural glow.
But I will also quickly mention the Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, a mascara I used years ago but felt as though it wasnt doing anything amazing for my lashes. So, with my new love of anything waterproof, I gave this classic another go and have again changed my opinion. In the waterproof version, the lashes stay curled, not to their fullest extent, as I find with the Clarins Waterproof Intense, but they do keep a more natural curl from base to tip. This mascara is also great for separating, lengthening and volume, as the large brush head really coats each lash with a dark black and pulls it out to lengthen. The volume comes if you apply a second coat and build it up, but with one coat, you can have rather lovely, natural long lashes. Its forte is definitely the lengthening, with separation alongside it and the fact that it can manage to hold a curl in my eyelashes is commendable. Would I buy it again? In honesty, possibly not, only because I have fallen in love with Clarins, and the curls I get from that mascara is better than anything I have EVER tried. But the Diorshow is a close second, so if Clarins was discontinued, then yes Id be back to Dior.
And finally the Dior Fluid Foundation Brush. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this for foundation. Unless you like to really take your time covering every last bit of your face meticulously, this is going to take you quite a while to buff your foundation in. However, the actual brush is luxurious and a fantastic quality, with the slick black handle and silver impressed Dior label. I will of course continue to use this, but instead I will be using it as a cream contour brush for the cheek hollows and jawlines, or using it to buff in my blusher or bronzer over my cheeks, as that final step to blend everything together. But I’m sure it would also work perfectly to buff in concealer to any problem areas on the skin, or to work product into any small areas of the face. Just for me, this would take too long to apply foundation with, but of course the brush is gorgeous. 
Let me know if you’re inspired to try any of these now? Do you think you can resist the Diorskin Star foundation?

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