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Your Hair, But Better

Im pretty sure that you are aware of my love for hair products. I have hair sprays, gels, volumisers and mousses spilling out of many, many drawers yet I still keep collecting. Here are a few more that I thought deserved a write up.

Original Mineral Original Detox Shampoo
Original Mineral Original Detox Conditioner
Original Mineral Know Knott Detangler
Original Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum 
Free from Frizz Mango Conditioner
Free from Frizz Mango Shampoo 
Moroccan Oil Treatment 

I have written before about how much I loved O&M. Its just fantastic. It does wonders for the hair and I personally adore the packaging more than any other hair product I’ve ever used, and that’s a big statement. The Original Detox range is an ultra cleansing product. For the girl (or guy) who loves to coat their hair in products, gels, creams, sprays, you name it. This will helps to break up the dirt and give your hair a thorough clean with peppermint oils. The scent is therefore quite minty and refreshing and has an almost cooling sensation. I’ll admit, I don’t love these two as much as I love the Maintain the Mane range, yet those are for daily usage, whereas the original detox is for that ultimate cleanse once in a while. Both are amazing, but if I bought again, it would be Maintain the Mane that would get the buy.

The Know Knott detangler does exactly what it says on the tin. Detangles just from a light spritz into the hair. Its hard for me to say how amazing this is, as I don’t get very knotty hair, but on the one occasion where I felt some detangling action was needed, I spritzed this through and brushing was a total breeze. Another beautifully designed product that does exactly what it sets out to do.

The Frizzy logic shine serum is coming away with me on my next holiday as this baby is a cure for humidity and frizzy hair panics. It protects, calms, smooths and adds shine to the hair, so it is a wonder for those more humid days. The thing about O&M products, is that they don’t contain all the awful ingredients we usually get in hair products, that are linked to dandruff, sore scalps, headaches and skin irritations amongst others. They are made of natural ingredients from Australia and I can vouch for how fantastic they are. As soon as I tried these, I became a very loyal fan.

The Free from Frizz shampoo and conditioner I really wanted to love much more than I do. The bottles are super cute and I love the designs. These are designed for thick hair, so I thought they would be pretty good for me, plus mango is one of my favourite scents, so I thought I was onto a winner. Whilst I liked the products, I wasnt massively blown away, but that was because they didnt make my hair feel as silky as I often like it. Yet, they cleaned beautifully, left a beautiful scent and did still do a fantastic job. I am just extremely picky I think. The thing with these is that they are really natural and free from chemicals which is perfect, but they are also a lot cheaper, at an affordable £6 per bottle. The scents in the free from frizz range are also fantastic, as I have the watermelon range for normal to fine hair to try yet and I’m pretty excited. I think that will be even better for me as it may suit my hair type much better, so stay tuned for that review.

The Moroccan Oil Treatments I have spoken about before, and yep, it is still my absolute go to hair oil. I have tried others, and although I like others, I don’t love them like I love Moroccan Oil. It is just richer and a total saviour to dry hair. Rubbing this onto the ends of my hair after every wash before drying, just makes my ends feel nourished and not at all dry and split. It is a miracle worker.

What hair products can you not live without? Im always after recommendations!

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