The Night Out for Pizza

I’d be lying if I said me and my bf don’t eat out most nights, but honestly, I don’t eat Pizza that often, promise. But this is what I wore for a recent date night.

KissKiss Boutique Dress
Baia Slouch Bag Custom Made
YES Paula Boots
Olivia Burton Watch
Missguided Jacket
My Clockwork Castle Birthstone Hand Chain 
Star Necklace (ahh so sorry cant rembember the brand)

In fact I have worn this dress for so many evenings and dates recently. It’s super easy to throw on, looks chic and stylish and is a lovely and comfortable fabric. I wore my new Baia bag as I wanted a pop of colour with the black boots and dress, plus my cute lilac Olivia Burton watch that youre probably sick to death of seeing. I also can’t get enough of my new Missguided beige jacket too, it literally makes everything look so stylish and the fabric is beautiful. The quality of Missguided has really improved 200% over  the last year.
What was your favourite piece?

 photo victoriasignature_zpsd29616f2.png




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