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The All Over Bronzers

I used to be a huge ambassador for some very very expensive tanning products. And then I found these, and my tanning life totally changed.

Karora Express Bronzing Mousse
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan 

In the top image of the two of me, you can see me with the Karora tan, applied the night before. In the image below, I am wearing the Cocoa Brown Tan, again applied the night before. Very similar shades and both leave me feeling so much confident than without it. I am totally sold on tanning now, as why burn your skin in the sun when you can apply a tan and it will last for nearly a week. 
I would say that the Karora is more olive toned and lasts for around 4-5 days before needing a top up. The Cocoa Brown Tan is more of a brown tan on the golden end of the scale. I love both and I’m not sure which I would choose if I had to only pick one. Both are mousses with a very similar consistency, and both apply an even tan within an hour and can be washed off after a few hours. Both of them also don’t smell half as bad as other tanners, and they are even better for the scent than my Xen Tan which I coveted for over 8 months. I would also say they last a similar amount of time on the skin, possibly with the Cocoa Brown creeping into around 5-6 days. Plus, as Karora is an American brand, perhaps my American readers may prefer to try out the Karora and my english readers, the Cocoa Brown, especially as it is sold in Primark and practically everywhere else now. 
In terms of price, the CB is fantastic. It is £6 in Primark, and for the results it gives, I’m not sure anything else could beat it on a price vs quality basis. But for something very similar, the Karora is a brilliant alternative and these two are now top of my list when I reach for my nighttime tanner. 
Just use a mitt to apply the mousse all over the body and be careful around your hands, knuckles and armpits. Other than that, both will dry within 30 minutes and are not too bad when it comes to rubbing off on your clothes or bedsheets. These are nothing compared to the way Xen Tan used to deepen the shades of my sheets.
So overall, here we have two brilliant tanning products. Fit for purpose, fast drying, mimimal scent and all round excellent.

Which one would you choose?

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