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Skincare Favourites: Vichy, Bioderma and Embryolisse

If theres one thing in life that gets me excited, its french skincare. And what do you know, Escentual have another sale on amazing French skincare buys…

Embryolisee Lait-Creme
Vichy Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover
Vicky Normaderm Exfoliating Gel
Bioderma Rich Cream Moisturiser
Vichy Normaderm Night Detox
Eucerin Micellar Cleansing Fluid

Escentual has fast become my place to go when it comes to skincare and makeup. The site is super easy to use, their delivery is always on point and they stock some of the best beauty brands from around the world. Some of the best being those french skincare faves that we have all dreamed of riding a boat over to Paris to purchase. Embryolisse is a celebrity and model favourite as it’s so moisturising and light on the skin, and the majority of times that I have had photoshoots, the makeup artists will always be stocked up on this bad boy. You can use it as a makeup removing cleaner, in a thick layer as a beauty mask, in a thin layer as a daily moisturiser and primer or as an after-sun product, with all of its natural ingredients, it is just one of those all round good guys.

The Vichy waterproof remover is also a gem. I’m investing more in these waterproof removers as Ive converted to a waterproof mascara girl. I find hardly anything takes it off, including Bioderma, yet this Vichy product makes short work of it and sweeps it aways effortlessly. If you’re not after waterproof toughness though, the Eucerin micellar cleanser may be the way to go. Also just as freshing on the skin, but will not go anywhere near your waterproof products.

The Vichy exfoliating gel is another absolute favourite of mine since I tried it a few months back. It has just enough exfoliation mixed with the right amount of gel smoothness, so your face feels super refreshed after washing. I adore this and have already purchased a few bottles since my first use!

After applying, its nice to then cover the face in the Bioderma rich cream moisturiser. With a gel, cream hybrid consistency, its so soothing and refreshing to apply and is supposed to be fantastic for very dehydrated skin. Ive used this a few times and I think its pretty fab, but in honesty I find its similar to my other moisturisers I use. Not many moisturisers absolutely blow me away and often do the same thing, apart from my number one, the regen cream. But this is a beautiful moisturiser if youre after a change!

I’ll be honest, the Vichy night detox I haven’t yet gotten around to trying out as I’m waiting for a time when my skin gets a bad flare up. This little product works away at oily skin overnight to remove blemishes, tighten pores, reduce imperfections and enhance the skin. Just use it like your usual evening moisturiser and notice the benefits in the morning. By the way, this is just the 3ml sample here, so you will obviously get a much bigger bottle for your money.

What are you loving for your skin recently?

V x

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