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Prepare to Honey Bronze

For the pale skinned of us, bronzing is our trusty best friend, who can take us from pastey to goddess within seconds. Here is my round up of a few you may like to invest in…

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder
Bronzing Kabuki Brush
Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
Facial Bronzing Gel
Brilliance Powder
Honey Bronze Lip Nectar

Im going to start with my favourite here, because why wouldn’t I?! I have been a big big fan of the Body Shop Honeycomb bronzers since they hit the shelves a few years ago. They were an update to another bronzer that the Body Shop sold, that had a shimmery finish and was my absolute favourite, yet they discontinued the range and appointed the Honeycomb as the successor. At the time, I was against the idea of changing to a new product after loving the other bronzer for years, yet after my flat mate delved into a new one, I couldnt resist following suit. After trying it, I realised that it was in fact just as brilliant, if not better, and the honeycomb finish just made it even more lovely to use. I find the shades are not at all orange and have more of a grey tone, so they are perfect for contouring, bronzing all over, and not turning yourself orange. I have two of these now and love them for my everyday look! If you want to use it on the go, then the Kabuki brush is the perfect choice too! A super soft brush, as always (The Body Shop make fantastic brushes), it’ll fit in your handbag and be on call whenever you need it. 
For those other days when bronzer just isn’t enough, we have a few other bronzing gems. The shimmering dry oil for starters, Ive seen this reviewed and loved a few times recently. You decant the product onto your hand and smother it all over, to leave a moisturised, oiled and shimmering finish. The oil smells like holidays really, I cant quite describe the scent, but its a perfumed oil with an almost rich coconuty smell. After application, your skin has a glow to it, not glittery and not like baby oil has been thrown all over you, but as though your skin is so moisturised, it is glowing from within. The finish is only very slightly oily, so thats nothing to worry about really and it would beautifully enhance your tan (if you have one) when on holiday, going out for a date or just for a saturday afternoon. Its certainly a skin beautifier. 
The two other products, I admit, I wont use as often, but then that is just me. The bronzing gel for face comes out as quite an orange toned brown gel, that when you rub in, disperses the colour all over to just give your skin a bronzed finish. Ill certainly be taking this on holidays as a non makeup option as it adds a glowing finish and knocks your skin tone up by a few shades. Perhaps Ive spoken too soon and in fact Ill fall in love with this. Trying it out now, Im starting to fall in love with it.
The brilliance powder is a type of product I haven’t really bought into before, but I can see its pull. It is a no mess product, that includes the brush and product in one. Just take off the lid and you can bronze to your hearts content, perfect for those nights out. This isn’t a bronzing powder, but more a bronzing finishing powder, with specks of gold and bronzed particles, that would finish off your makeup to that ultra party night finish. Throw it over your cheek bones, along your collar bones and across your forehead and you’d be ready to go with this one. Then finish off with a touch of the lip nectar lip gloss to accentuate your tanned skin and you’re ready for the party!
Have you been loving any of these gems?

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