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This little stash of scents are my current favourites, ranging from super floral to sweet and sugary. I’ve always been a girl who loved the candy store fragrances, so I may have built up a bit of a collection, yet they all have their own personalities. Molecule One is a perfume I lusted over for years, before I finally plunged and treated myself. It is a unisex fragrance, that works with your pheromones, so that it smells slightly different on everyone who wears it. I think it smells a little bit like musky palma violets and it is the most unique scent. Absolutely beautiful and you’ll find yourself getting so many compliments. Im so drawn to anyone wearing it.
Then we have the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme which has been a fave for years. Sugary, sweet but with extra evening maturity, it is a more intense and richer scent of flowerbomb and I think a much more wearable scent. But this one is super pricey as its just incredible.
The Etoile from Miss Selfridge is the cheapest scent here, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. Again a lovely sweet and fruity scent that I keep at work for those little in-work spritzes. I also think the  bottle is so lovely for an own brand fragrance.
And finally, Hugo Boss Ma View is another beautiful scent I have been opting for a lot more recently. This is much more floral than the others but nothing too Grandma, as I often find some of the older floral fragrances. This contains cedarwood, cactus blossom, pink fresia and jasmine petals finished with rose buds, so the scent is a richer floral. I also think it is only available at the airport from World Duty Free, so be sure to get your hands on it when you’re off on your jols.
But four gorgeous scents that I thought Id share in case you’re in a scents dilemma at the moment. Any recommendations for similar scents I would love to hear!

V x

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