Getting Restructured: Damage Repairing with Tigi and Aveda

If your hair is in urgent need of a cuddle, Ive tried and tested some damage repairing products to see which you should really invest in…

Now I have tried some pretty awesome hair products recently, from mousses to sprays to intense conditioners. But I must say I was totally blown away by the Tigi Headshot range. Tigi products smell incredible, like mint mixed with fruity flavours, and this one was what I could only describe as the baby of an apple and a strawberry. The bottle design is really cool, twisting slightly open, so that you can pour product from the top opening. I used a normal amount for me, which I know is too much, of around 2 £2 coins put together in your hand. I have a lot of hair and I love a good lather. So I applied it all over and gave it a good scrub into my scalp. It was super thick and lathered up so beautifully. Some lathers can feel quick thin and not overly moisturising, whilst the Headshot shampoo seemed to thicken my hair whilst still allowing me to really lather it through my hair. Probably one of the best lathers Ive gotten from a shampoo in a while. So anyway, I rinsed it all away and my hair felt super clean and fresh. Then I applied the conditioner, adding around a £2 coin amount and applying all over my ends first before running my fingertips through the lengths of my hair to add more product. After a minute, I rinsed it all away and my hair just felt like the softest silk. I thought that my Paul Mitchell Super Strong conditioner left my hair soft and silky, but this is another level! Loved it and immediately came to write this down so I didn’t forget. So yes, massive massive thumbs up on this and I will most definitely be repurchasing this bad boy!

So just when I thought I had found my new favourite, then swans along the Aveda hair repair bottles. If you saw my recent favourites video where I proclaimed my hair felt AMAZING because I had just used a new shampoo… well this is it. After trying their blue bottled range, it really didn’t do it for me. Obviously I was trying the wrong range, because as soon as I gave this a whirl it was a match made in heaven. It lathers up so easily, without feeling as though you are dragging your hair away from your scalp to clean it (is that just me?!). Your hair feels super clean and nourished, before applying the intensive restructuring treatment. Pretty much a protein masque, that you apply in between shampoo and conditioner to give it that extra treatment boost and this one is just wonderful. It thickens and boosts the hair leaving it feeling like the slippiest, silkiest eel type creature. Okay, now it sounds as though Ive been drinking, but ladies with long hair must know what I’m talking about…right? The hair feels nourished, thick and super silky. Then you wash this away after a few minutes and add the conditioner to just add even more silkiness and after washing away, voila. Your hair is amazing. Really amazing, even after drying my hair still felt the best it has in months. So if you asked me to choose between these two, I don’t know if I could. Both are absolute finds for me now and I adore them both.  I love it when I find a product I whole heartedly adore and here I have two! Definite repurchases for the future!

If you’ve tried these, let me know what you thoughts or if you recommend something similar!

V x

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