Bobbi Brown Eye Definer

I have big big love for this brush. Expert brows are much easier than you think…

Bobbi Brown Eye Definer Brush

If you’re like I was a few months ago – desperate for the perfectly shaped brows, with the lovely pointed tail, curved arch and a thicker section to the centre, then you may have found the right blog post. Because through the use of this baby, I was able to achieve all of those things and turn my brows from pretty pathetic to wowza. And its all this brush. Just the perfect thickness of bristles and rigidity, so you can carve the ideal eyebrow shape around your eyebrow hairs. Just dab the brush into your favourite powder or wax powder, like my fave Benefit Brow Zings, and with small brush strokes, work into the brows as if drawing in small brush hairs in the sparser areas. This will fill the brows and begin to shape them whilst leaving them looking realistic and natural. The thin and long handle is perfect for holding near enough to your face for precise application, plus I adore the Bobbi Brown colours. Their brushes look so luxurious. This brush was honestly the best £25 I ever spent and it is one of my biggest recommendations. Dont go for Mac on this occasion, go for Bobbi. 

V x

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