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Soap and Glory Face and Body Saviours

Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum
Daily Youth Lotion
Bright Here Bright Now Radiance Lotion
Orangeasm Body Wash
Sexy MotherPucker Lipgloss
Sit Tight 4D Lower Body Targeter
I’ve got a lot of love from this brand after trying a number of their best sellers. This is why you may need to try some out…

All from Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory is a brand that if you haven’t tried, it is certainly one you’re missing out on. They have recently repackaged a few of their skincare products to be minimal and cleaner, but their packaging has always been so fun and bright if you ask me. I recently got to try a few of these goodies and figured Id give you a run down of some of my favourites.

First of all the Make Yourself Youthful super serum. This is so beautiful as a facial moisturiser/primer hybrid, but can also be used beneath moisturiser as a rejuvenating base. It has a gel/cream feel on the skin in a really refreshing texture and I love the way my skin feels after application.

Over the top of the super serum I have been applying the For Daily Youth 6-in-1 hydrating lotion, which again is super creamy and refreshing and a wonderful base for makeup. I find these two together is a match made in heaven.

For an extra boost and radiance, you could give the Bright Here Bright Now a whirl, as this will add more of a glow to the face rather than a matte moisturiser and would be great mixed in with foundation for a super dewy look.

The Orangeasm body wash is as you’d expect. Revitalising and refreshing in a bright, summery satsuma scent, perfect for waking you up in the morning. Satsuma scents are definitely one of my favourites for washing with.

The Sit Tight 4D is a new product, designed to target the lower body in a firming and smoothing serum. You massage the rollerballs into your thighs and lower bum whilst squeezing the gel onto the areas. The product contains Pinkpepperslim and caffiene which really gets to work on the skins surface and the nasties hiding beneath. The cool thing about this product though is that it activates even more when you sit down. You will feel a heat and tingling sensation, which increases on sitting down. But I really like this product a lot, and its worth a shot if you’re struggling with lumps and bumps.

The only other product to mention here is the Sexy MotherPucker lipgloss. This is a favourite of my flatmates, but I must admit I don’t like the chocolate scent it has, because I generally dont like chocolate things unless they come in cake, bar or brownie form. But she loves it, as it plumps the lips and adds a bronzed gloss at the same time.

So there we have it. A few mini reviews of a number of awesome products. My biggest recommendations though would be Make Yourself Youthful and the For Daily Youth lotion. Big big love for those two!

What are your favourite Soap and Glory items? Maybe I need to pick up some more!

V x

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