Give Me Texture: Styling Sprays

Three of the best for getting that texture you dream of…

Original Mineral Style Guru
Label M Texturising Volume Spray
Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray

Hair products are probably my favourite thing to collect. There are so many products on the market that do a lot of different things, so there is no reason for your hair not to look the way you want it to. These are three of my faves that I thought I’d share with you.

If you’re looking for something that will tame, volumise and add a bit of oomph to your hair, then look no further than the Style Guru styling cream from Original Minerals. I add about a 20p piece of this into my hand, rub my hands together, flip my damp hair over and roughly disperse the product through the lengths. It will just add some grit and texture to your hair whilst also keeping it quite smooth and hydrated. I use this every time I wash my hair now and just love the way it thickens and texturises my hair. Winner

For dry styling, I love a bit of the Texturising Volume Spray from Label M. I just spray this into my lengths and ends, roughing my hair up whilst I spray it. It just leaves your hair with texture and style, roughing up an otherwise limp, lifeless, straight style. It is a bit of a surf spray in a way, as it adds that dryness to the ends that allow it some life and structure.

And finally, the most expensive of the bunch is from Oribe. But these are expensive for the reason they are absolutely brilliant. Again, just dry spraying this into the lengths and ends will give ultra texture and a seat salt, beachy look. It adds shine and looks as though you have spent the day on the beach in Miami. It also smells gorgeous and I love the design, so I will definitely be investing in more of these products, as they are just so good at what they do.

What are your favourites for texturising?

V x

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