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Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector

For colour correction and ultra concealing, this is a blogger favourite that I had to pick up. But how do I rate it?…

Bobbi Brown Light Peach Corrector

I had heard Youtubers and Bloggers rave and rave about this product until I finally picked it  up. I was strutting around Selfridges and I finally got the urge to pick it up, regardless of whether I was going to love it or not.  Do I love it? Yes I do, but not as much as Id like to. I think its probably because this shade is a little yellow toned for me, yet when I’m wearing all of my foundation, it blends really nicely. Yet, I was slightly hoping for something I could dab onto my face, over blemishes, and it would blend well with my skintone, so I absolutely didn’t pick the right colour for that – yet this isn’t a concealer, it is a corrector. The point is that is corrects the colour of your skin, taking purple tones away. There are other shades in the collection that are pinker in tone, which will remove green tones I believe, so its all about working out what you need to correct. So although I was looking for a concealer, in this shade I can get away with using it for both purposes just about. Phew.

I was also informed that this was quite creamy and easy to blend. I must say it isn’t the creamiest  or creamy concealer I’ve tried. It does blend quite nicely when you use your finger to warm it up, but with a brush, it is like most other concealer pots you can buy. The coverage is great though and does work to cover up most areas. I love applying this over my concealer and my foundation, just for that final cover up of grey and purple tones under my eyes, and it does a pretty awesome job at that, so that is all I use it for now. I take a fluffy Sigma brush, brush it over the top of the pot and then blend that over my undereyes, and it applies a light layer that conceals everything away. So would I buy this again, I would say Yes. Only because I do like to have it in my collection for those times when I need ultra concealing and I adore the packaging. Simple things eh!?

What did you think of this if youve tried it?

V x

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