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Your Hair-wardrobe just got sexy with Lee Stafford

Tousling, styling, beaching, twisting, curling, straightening, holding, smoothing, texturising. Whatever you’re looking for, Im pretty sure you might find it here…

I think one of the first haircare products I ever used was from Lee Stafford. It was his coveted Heat protection spray and I picked it up when I got my first pair of straighteners at the age of around 13. I adored the scent and I loved the pink bottle (of course) and it was so fun to experiment with products at that age. In all honesty, after that time, with the eruption of ghd onto the scene as well as a few other hair products, as I grew up and my love for haircare grew stronger, I started to experiment with more brands and ultimately forgot about Lee Stafford. Its ridiculous I know, especially when I saw the pink bottles all the time in Boots. I had just stocked up on so many other brands that I didnt pick up another Lee Stafford product for a really long time. And now Im actually kicking myself.

His products are salon quality, smell wonderful and come in such lovely packaging, all at a much more affordable price than your luxury haircare brands. Of course you have the heat protection spray still going strong, but there are so many other products in the line to choose from. For example I have fallen in love with his hairsprays. The Big Fat Flexible Hold spray is a favourite and Ive recently converted to the Argon Oil flexible hold spray. It doesn’t crisp up your hair but gives that small amount of flexible hold you need from day to day. Theres also Here come the Curls, which you can tousle into damp hair and leave to air dry, and it gives the hair a beach wave, tousled look. The sea salt spray , Beach babe, again is for those girls that just want to add some texture to otherwise boring, somewhat straight hair and the Big Fat texturised hair super spray does a very similar job, just with much more texture.

But recently, the items I have been loving the most are his electricals. The Argon Oil Twisted styling wand especially is a dream and adds the most incredible unequal curl effect. You may have seen the results of it on my instagram (image below) or recent Lee Stafford Vlog. I cannot recommend it enough, and I have recently thrown away so many other older curling products because this has just blown me away. But if youre after more concise curls that are super equal and volumised, then go for the Big Fat Hair Tong.

One of my favourite items of his new collection though, is the Micro set, including a micro dryer and a teeny pair of straighteners. So perfect for weekend away or holidays where space is an issue, and I will undoubtedly be packing these for my holiday to the US!

And finally, one last thing I need to talk about is the new brush collection. Lee has just released 6 new brushes, all with their own jobs to do and some cool materials to help you do it. They have included horse hair and boars hair, to give you ultra smoothness or super volume, whatever the brush says it does on the tin. This one shown about is the Silky Smoother brush and is perfect for taming those unruly hairs into a more smooth and relaxed doo.

So what Im trying to say here is, I should not have forgotten about Lee Stafford as his products have always been the most innovative on the market. If youre looking for a product that will do a particular job, the chances are that his huge range will have just what youre looking for. But if youre after a winning product, for me the twisted styling wand is a total gem!

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