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Volume, Body and Shine with Umberto Giannini

I’m such a sucker for good packaging…

Umberto Giannini Products

Lets just say I have never had so many hair products in my life. I recently went along to an Umberto Giannini opening event in their new Harvey Nichols salon. Me and my friends sipped on cocktails, chatted with the hairdressers and perused through the shelves of products in their shiny bullet shaped bottles. It turns out that I managed to accumulate quite a few and thought I better show them to you just in case you were on the hunt for a new specific product. The range is huge, from shampoos to hairsprays, backcombers, curl sprays, protectants, mousses and volumisers. I also went along to get my hair styled before a prom event, and they twisted, curled, backcombed and volumised my hair with all of these products until I looked fit to meet the queen. Whilst I won’t tell you about each because quite frankly it would take too long and you would get bored reading, I’ll tell you which are my faves.

First of all though, they all smell gorgeous. Salon quality products that make your hair smell as thought you’ve just walked out of a £100 haircut. The backcomb in a bottle is awesome for adding that lift and dry texture you need for those cool up doos or a super volumised parting. The full volume mousse is brilliant for applying to damp hair before drying, to give your hair some body, so that once dry you get super volume and style. The hairsprays are fab if you’re looking for a new one that allows flexible hold but still keeps everything in place, and the Volume blow dry spray again is fab for that large blow dry style. The products are affordable as far as salon products go and you can pick them up everywhere you go, so super accessible for when you’re shopping about. Plus I love the packaging

Have you tried anything from UO that you adore? Perhaps I can add to my collection!

V x

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