Baby Pink Mom Shorts

BearaBeara Backpack

Theres a few dimensions to this outfit. First, the minimal shorts and bralet with a pair of navy vans. Then, for more warmth, the Pippa Lynn sweat looks amazing with these shorts. And finally, if the heavens open and the rain comes, this jacket from Drystar is a saviour…

BearaBeara Backpack

Seriously, I am love with this Drystar jacket. I havent seen any other brands on the market, specialising in selling cute, festival worthy, anorak-esque jackets. They come in a range of cute, girly colours and are the perfect rainy weather accessory. If youre heading to a summer festival, you really need to take a look at these jackets as I really think they may be your lifesaver. Im definitely taking mine to America, just in case we have showered one day.

Also, I haven’t worn a pair of Vans in years. At one point, its all I ever wore, but I seemed to move to other shoes. Then I found these in my collection and figured they’d be the perfect accessory for this style. Plus, these shorts are just my favourite thing right now.

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