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On the Whey to Fitness with PhD

2x PhD Diet Whey 1kg Strawberry
PhD Diet Cookies

For those who are getting into their workout routine and just need that little boost…

2x PhD Diet Whey 1kg Strawberry
PhD Diet Cookies

So this one may seem a little out of the blue, but actually as I write my blog to cover topics that I enjoy, this is related to one thing I do (and try to enjoy) regularly. For the past four months, I have really tried to work out much much more, and although I have slacked recently due to having more work that I can actually get done, it has meant that working out has taken a back seat. However, it is something I will get back into and Im sure that a number of you lovely lot are also quite into your fitness. So here we are.

For a run down of the things I get up to when I’m working out, head along to my workout post. I tend to work only on my abs, legs and glutes as those are the areas I know really need shaping and toning, so I tend to stick to a number of exercises I know work for me. However, when it gets to the post where you’re trying to gain muscle and grow your body shape, then sometimes you need a little helping hand. I really want a larger, rounder bum. Large bums are on trend didn’t you know. So I tend to do exercises with heavier weights for a lower number of reps. As my PT told me, the earlier you hit ‘failure’ and your body cant do any more reps, that is when you are tearing muscles and growing your body. Yet, if you’re tearing your body, you cannot simply hop into bed an hour after working out without feeding your broken muscles, and this is something I am guilty for a lot of the time. I knew I needed something that could just give me that energy I needed overnight to repair my muscles.

That when I decided to give some supplements a go. I had heard a lot about PhD products before, as they have a range suited specifically to women and come in a few delicious sounding flavours. I figured Id try something that would give me that protein and energy I needed for after my workout, so I was advised to try the Diet Whey. You mix one scoop with about 3 parts water and mix it up in your shaker. It taste a bit like a watered down strawberry milkshake, with an aftertaste, which is of course the protein. At first I wasn’t sure, but after a few more tries, I can stomach it so  much better and Ive actually grown to like it, so this is great for after my workouts and before bed. No need to go cooking for myself at 10pm when all I want to do is sleep. I just drink this, head to the shower and then get to bed and the whey will keep working away in my stomach overnight.

The diet cookies though are definitely my favourite. In a chocolate and orange flavour, they taste like jaffa cake cookies, just obviously not as sugary and tasty, but still really nice. I have taken these to work, and when I get peckish and craving chocolate, instead I chow down on one of these. Of course, I can only have these if Im working out during the week though, as otherwise you’re taking in protein for absolutely no reason and in that case, you will just start to put on weight, but eating them as snacks in between a workout the night before and a workout that night, is perfectly fine. They have chocolate chips inside them for that sugar boost you’re craving but do also taste really nice, so I pretty fond on these. I could also eat these after working out if again I was craving sugar, but that is totally up to you and how many calories you think you’ve burned off to be able to take in 210 calories from a cookie. But then you’re gaining 21.5 grams of protein which is around 2/3 of a can of tune. Not too mad!

So if you’re like me and are really trying hard to get fit and healthy with a little more shape, some added protein might be something you could try out. And if not, let your boyfriend know about these products if he enjoys working out. As I know that mine cant stop stealing my protein whenever he can.

V x

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