Cross My Heart

I must apologise for my recent departure back into my bedroom for outfit shots. Ill be honest, Im finding it hard to keep up. Im currently writing my corrections for my PhD and Ive recently made it my biggest priority, so other things have taken a back seat. When I  have around 11 outfits to shoot and post, I dont have time to be contacting photographers and taking an hour per outfit, although I wish I could. So instead, Ive been getting lots of outfits shot in my room with the odd outfit getting to see the outdoors. So I really hope you arent disappointed with the indoor shots.
This was taken a few weeks ago when me and my lovely other half took a trip back to my hometown for some drinks. It was Easter Friday and we had nothing to do so as the sunshine was beckoning, we decided an hour train journey was worth it, to get out of the city and to sit in a countryside pub with a glass of cider, a pub lunch and all the family. It was such a brilliant afternoon. The sunshine was the best of the year and all of my family turned up for drinks, which was just amazing. I had worn this new outfit so I decided that some snaps were in order.
I recently got invited into the Dressing Room with Miss Selfridge, their new VIP service where a stylist helps you pick out some new pieces to try on. I was taken to a cool back room all kitted out with magazines and clothing and got to try everything on before deciding on my favourites. These two pieces, the trousers and crop top, were two of those favourites and I’ll soon be getting some more photographs up of the rest of the items. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter (although it seems far in the past now). 

V x

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