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Whitening Heroes: Colgate Vs Aquafresh

Why should we dismiss the things we use every single day? I decided to review the two biggest toothpaste brands and find out which was my absolute fave…

I don’t think I cover the essentials very often, but hey, people need essentials just as much as they need another expensive lipstick. When it comes to things like toothpaste, I am extremely brand loyal. In fact this is probably one of the only times I cannot be swayed from the brands I know. Tesco’s own will really not cut it, and I truly hate it when you sleep over at a friends and they have bought the cheapest toothpaste they can find that tastes like milk.

I decided I would review two of my loyal brands, Colgate and Aquafresh. I often interchange between the two, but generally Colgate is always my go-to toothpaste brand. Aquafresh were wonderful enough to make me my own named toothbrush holder which is amazing and will be perfect for my trip to America in summer. It came all wrapped up in a box with a new toothbrush and a box of their High Definition White Tingling Mint Toothpaste, so already they were off to a flying start.

Ive been using Aquafresh High Definition White for the last ten days and I’m definitely happy to be using it. It is really fresh and minty, especially after brushing, and my teeth aren’t left feeling sore or sensitive. During brushing, whilst it tastes minty, it does have that somewhat bicarbonate of soda taste to it at first, so it doesn’t fill your mouth with ultra mint, but still nice enough to use. Im one of those people that loves super minty toothpaste though, so whilst I like this, it isn’t my absolute fave. But overall, it keeps the teeth white and healthy and you cant really ask for much more.
But moving onto the Colgate Max White One Optic, this is the toothpaste I used first and got all the way through the tube before I started the next. It is meant to be for visibly whiter teeth and to brighten your teeth to the maximum effect. This one was super minty and fresh as soon as you start to brush. The liquid comes out almost a dark grey and you can see little beads of dark navy in the paste. So when brushing, these little beads pop and burst all over your teeth, brightening and cleaning as they go. So much so that now and again I would have dark blue bursted beads all over my sink or lips after brushing, yet I liked the fact that it made me feel as though it was making my teeth super white. And I actually think it really did work in making my teeth brighter and whiter, although they are not too bad for being white so I often find this hard to judge. But they felt really clean and fresh every time I used it, so this has got a huge thumbs up from me and I’m going to continue picking this up whenever I’m in boots.

So in all honesty, nine out of ten times I would always choose Colgate, and in this case again it seems I cant be swayed, plus its cheaper! But if you’re a bit of an Aquafresh lover, the High Definition is by far one of the best they make, so you might want to switch over for a change. Thank you Aquafresh for the cutest toothbrush holder ever!

V x

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