Latergram: My Life in Pictures

So what have I been up to recently? My Instagram pretty much documents my life from the morning to evening, every single day, so if you were interested in what Im been up, then heading over to Instagram will be pretty useful. Pretty much Ive just been eating a lot of food, wearing lots of new clothes and heading out and about. Instagram is easily my favourite social channel, just from the ability to get so inspired from other people’s images. I try to post at least twice a day and can spend so long just altering the lighting effect in an image before I’m happy with it. A week or so ago, our Internet suddenly died unexpectedly, and we were left with no way to access the web for about 3 days. From not being able to edit my posts, upload photos and check my Youtube, it also meant that when my 3G died, I had to face not being able to check my Instagram. Luckily it was only a few days before we got our broadband back, but still, made me realise my love for it may be going a tad too far. I know a lot of people similar to me though, so Im sure I wont be committed just yet. Until then, head over to Instagram and give me a follow if you like :) Just search for Inthefrow.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

V x

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