In the backseats we just tried to find some room to breathe

This dress deserved its own shoot, with its own sports car prop and a golf course. I decided it did, so thats where we drove to to take some of these shots. Shame there wasnt more sunshine, but at least I got to be out and about in the countryside rather than stuck between the buildings of Manchester. My parents live in a small country town, so whenever I go home for a day or so, we always take trips here and there so I can remember what the birds, bees and the trees look like. Even better when its in the Mazda with my dad. 
The new This is a Love Song collection is launching this March, and this will be dropped really soon. But it is one of the best spring collections I have laid eyes on so far, so you will not be disappointed by the other gorgeous pieces they are launching. As soon as I saw the colours of this, I knew I adored it. I’m sorry that I had to style it with pieces you have seen previously, but unfortunately its all I had with me. But still, this is the way I would have worn it, with the clothing I have. Big thanks to the Pap for lending me his red machine. 

Photographed by my Wonderful Dad :)

V x