Waiting on a Sunny Day

AngelPixieLove Peacock Leggings *
AngelPixieLove I Love Your Beard Crop*
H&M Denim Jacket (similar)
BearaBeara Mochata Tartan Backpack*
Boohoo Holly Contrast Sole Boots*
PunkyPins Owl Necklace*

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you may know that I used to be a bit of a leggings fan. Okay, a massive fan. In fact I own about 10 pairs of Black Milk Leggings not to mention the dresses and other items. I hold my hands up. You could probably say I went a little crazy for the elastane. Anyway, I have sort of gone through a bit of a trousers phase for the past 8 months and sort of sidelined my leggings collection. However, as soon as I put on the peacock leggings from AngelPixieLove, I remembered why I always loved elastane so much. The quality of these is so good, unlike all those awful jersey rip off galaxy and crosses leggings we all endured in stores last year. These are a beautiful lustrous elastane with the beautiful peacock print, comfortable, bright and super smooth. I paired it with this awesome slogan crop and a pair of contrast cut out boots. 
Happy Saturday!

V x