This Is Our Corner of The World

Sheinside White Cable Knit Sweater*
Missguided Ramuna Monochrome Square Print Trousers*
Boohoo Black Cleated Suedette Boots*

These photos were really rushed due to an impending battery loss, however theres something that I really like about them. They’re honest and realistic, and it shoes the true urban feel of the Northern City. These Missguided trousers were an absolute winner and I have since fallen in love with light material trousers. So comfortable but wearable for every day and evenings. Perfect with flats, heels and boots and pretty much every plain top or knit you own. What more you could ask for?! This cream knit is also an all rounder and I love it just as much as its pink sister, which I also own. And as for the boots. Well, they sit perfectly with a host of other beautiful boots that look vaguely similar, just with slight differences to heel height, fabric, sole or fastening. Im a sucker for a beautiful ankle boot. 

Photography: Alex Bradley

V x