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Illamasqua Hollow Pigment

(Illamasqua Hollow Pigment – £16*)

I am one of those girls that adores a good contour. Every morning I whip out one of my bronzing or contouring products and set to work lining my cheek hollows for that ultra high cheek bone look. I don’t feel entirely put together if they don’t look chiselled and set apart from the rest of my cheeks, so for me, a contour product is one of the products I will really spend that little extra on. Recently I’ve come across some amazing contour products, the Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo being one, and I can’t rave enough about how much I love that product. However, on those nights that I have a little more time to doll myself up, I reach for the Hollow Pigment from Illamasqua. Not only is Illamasqua probably in my top three makeup brands, it just brings out products that truly work. I adore the packaging and the sleekness about everything they make, and their lipstick shades are truly to die for. So what do I like about this product?

Well first of all it is grey toned rather than brown, meaning that your contours are true to shadow colours rather than tan. Due to the fact it is a cream, you can apply it onto your face without worry of powder fall out, meaning that your contour shapes stay perfectly in tact. You can also build up the colour from light to a much deeper contour depending on what you’re going for and it is also brilliant as a shade to add along the bridge of your nose as a nose contour – again due to the lack of fall out. I adore the shade and I love the application and it is one of those products that I will use as a base for even more contour product, as a little extra powder on top will stick to it perfectly and deepen up the hollows even more. I put off buying this for so long and now I am so so pleased it is in my collection. This product and the Androgen pigment are absolute beauties. You seriously can’t go wrong.

What are your favourite Illamasqua products? I’d love some more recommendations!

V x

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