How to Wear: Fondant Fancy Pastels

Every season we have the chance to update our wardrobe. Whether the trends have brought sheer, metallics, pastels or florals with it, we will often find ourselves buying a key piece or two from the trend, to style with the rest of our wardrobe. ‘How to Wear’ is a research project that VoucherCodes have been conducting, with the aim of finding out how to buy into the new seasons trends on a budget. Where are the best buys, how can they be incorporated into your wardrobe and how to wear the trends, are all questions that they have been asking. So I thought I would take up the challenge…

Topshop ZigZag Quilted Jumper
ASOS Mint Cami
Primark Blue Jumper
Ark Pink Tunic Dress
SheInside Beige Lapel Jacket*
Topshop Bleach Leigh Jeans
Religion Glasses*
Boohoo Black Suedette Boots*
Mrs Pomeranz Floral Jacket*
Daisy Mae Infinity Ring*
Jana Reinhardt Butterfly Ruby Ring*
Grafea Rose Backpack*

With a few trends to choose from this season – florals, sheer fabrics, geometric prints and monochrome, I decided to go with a trend that is pretty close to my heart, or my face I guess, pastels. I went out with a £80 budget and bought myself four new items that could take my wardrobe into pastel heaven. Hopefully this will give you some tips as to how you’re able to mix pastels into your everyday wear. 

I chose to buy:
Primark Blue Jumper £10
So I decided to wear a few pieces together, and then some with existing pieces from my wardrobe, to make them super bright and colourful. I wore the Ark pastel printed dress, which is actually a gorgeous tunic, I just wish I could have shown you this in full. However, the weather was ridiculously cold, so I didn’t want to take it off. However, it is beautiful with or without the zigzag quilted pink jumper over it. But I loved how the colours looked when layered. I also wore the same jumper with my powder blue Topshop Jamie Jeans, again because the colours looked gorgeous together.
The mint cami is perfect for daytime and evenings and I just love this colour of green. I paired it with the powder blue jeans, again perfect for the pastel trend and layered it with this stunning floral blazer from Mrs Pomeranz. Then I added a blue fluffy knit from Primark over the top as I just adore these fluffy knits and again the colour is just gorgeous. The mint cami could be worn with so much thought – jeans, leather trousers, skirts, everything to be honest. If you get one in a gorgeous lightweight fabric, they look so elegant and can be dressed up or down.
The two jumpers could be layered over any cami or top and paired with any colour of jeans and would brighten up your outfit instantly. Throwing a cream jacket over the top like I did, will also make everything look brighter and more colourful. I added a pair of black boots with all of my outfits, but you could just as easily wear flats or heels, depending on your mood.

So with just £80, you can move your wardrobe into the pastel spring season. Pastels are my favourite trend and have been for a few seasons now, especially as they match my light pink hair. But they will suit everyone if you choose the right colours for yourself. With so many bargains to be found as well, there is no excuse to not dress up like a fondant fancy.

Photographed by Mike Atkins

V x