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Okay, so the big day is finally here, where I can tell you all about an incredible collaboration I am involved with. As most of you lovely lot may know, or perhaps not if you’re a new follower (Hiya!), I went away on a wonderful 9 week American tour last summer with Trekamerica. I could not stress enough how amazing my trip was and I actually wrote a week by week breakdown of everything I got up to. Head to the Travelling tab above if you’d like to look more at that! Well, the guys at Trekamerica HQ heard all about my trip and after reading my blog a little, decided that they would like to work with me on a fantastic competition they have come up with. Actually the best email Ive ever received. The winner of said competition will win an incredible two week, all paid for trip with Trekamerica called the Westerner 2 – two weeks around the west coast of America taking in some of the most amazing sights you will ever see. Trust me, I’ve seen them and gotten the tshirt and they are jaw droppingly beautiful. All that you have to do is get blogging! Whether you’re an experienced blogger or have the lust for blogging but just haven’t found your mojo yet, this is your time to shine. 

If you like the look of this, you definitely need to keep reading…

So what do you have to do? Well, the competition is split into three stages. Each will allow you a chance to show off your blogging skills. When Trek receives all of the entries for Stage one, the team with the help of myself as an official panellist as well as two other lovely travel and lifestyle bloggers, will whittle down the entries to a top ten. After that the competition gets intense. Stage two will whittle down entrants further until stage three will reveal the winner! So what are you waiting for?!
All you have to do first of all is enter Stage One. For more detailed information head along to the Trekamerica Competiton page to read up on the ins and outs. But basically, the idea is to write 300 words or more on “What you would pack for a weekend away”. You can be creative, use visuals, videos, anything, but just be yourself and as brilliant as you can be. Then when you’re all posted, tweet the posts URL to @Trekamerica or post the link on their Facebook Page using the hashtag #Blog4Trek. And thats it, Stage one completed. Get your entries in by the 9th March!
So, because some of you lovely lot might not be bloggers already, I thought I would give you a few hints and tips of how to start a blog and what you could do to get your name out there! This might be your first or 500th post, but its always nice to hear how other bloggers work and what they like to do when it comes to writing their own blogs. So here we go. 

Be Yourself
Okay, so you’re starting to write and you’re not sure what voice to use. Use your own. Too many people try to be someone they’re not and often the most sincere bloggers are the most successful. People want to read the musings of someone similar to them. Down to earth, positive, sometimes humorous. I know thats what I love to read. So just be yourself and people will love you for that.  

Get Social 

The biggest tip I can give to anyone with a blog or new bloggers is to get really social. Blogging is a huge community and most of that community chat via social media. Twitter being the main one. Get yourself a strong presence on Twitter where you converse with other bloggers, get your name out there, find out about others and just generally make friends. You will find that you can start to gain a following that way as people will become interested to find out more about you. Plus Twitter allows you to interact with brands that you might be talking to and allows you to directly promote your posts to the people that might really care about your opinions. 
Be Visual and Creative 
I love blogs that are full of imagery and creativity. Keeping your images the same size and dimensions and ensuring that they are not pixelated is just the first easy step. Make your work professional and aesthetic as lots of people love a good looking post. Especially if you’re photographing scenery, details of an eyeshadow palette or even the layers of a sponge cake, a good high quality image will make the world of difference. No one wants to read a huge block of text without some images, so make your posts visual and beautiful and you will get readers excited to read.

Be Positive
Bloggers are generally really happy, lovely people. Especially the ones that I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I find that for 99% of the time, it is through pure positivity that everyone gets on. It is a positive blogging environment and everyone really supports one another, so the community is amazing. If you can make sure you stay positive with everyone, youre bound to fit in.

Stay Motivated 

Its easy to say, but keeping yourself motivated to post is one of the most important parts of blogging. I have found that I have a wonderful support network of followers as I try to post daily, giving my lovely readers something new to read every time they find me. Daily is probably not at all necessary, but twice or three times a week would be perfect. Just so when someone checks back for another brilliant post, they have some new material to read and be inspired by. You will find that readers will love your blog the more and more you post.

And they would be my five top tips. Just get writing and get yourself out there for people to find and you will probably find you love it. So what are you waiting for?! Get writing for Trekamerica and bag yourself a trip of a lifetime. And if you’re not sure yet if you want to enter, take a peek at the photos I’ve added, from my trip last year. You could be doing a bit of this and more. Best of luck to all of you!

V x

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