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Covetique and Fyodor Golan LFW

A place to sell your unwanted luxuries to the ladies who love vintage
Fyodor Golan
The designer who worked with Nokia to create an incredible Nokia Phone skirt, and has given me an entirely new perspective on pink. 

Okay, so this was Day 1 of London Fashion Week. I headed down to London early for a number of meetings in the city, starting the day with a trip to Covetique HQ. You may not be aware of Covetique, but I can bet one million that you’ve heard of ASOS. Well ASOS recently formed a pretty strong relationship with Covetique and from now on, I think the brand is only going to soar to higher and greater places. The concept is similar to eBay, just without the awful buyers, the overpricing sellers, the ugly interface and the stupid bidding system. In fact, perhaps its nothing like eBay. The main similarity however, is that you can buy unwanted items from others, and in this case, they are beautiful, luxury pieces in as good as, if not perfect condition. I had a peruse around the website before my meeting, and the lovely ladies at Covetique had pulled out a few favourites for me.

A Chanel bag, a huge Lanvin heart necklace, an Alexander Mcqueen clutch, Isabel Marant wedges and the most stunning Dries Van Noten sequin bomber, were all available for me to lust over and get all up close and personal with. So the idea with Covetique, is that any unwanted luxuries can be sent to Covetique and they will sell them for you on the website. It means you could potentially get a lot more for your designer items and sell them in a much more fashionable environment than the likes of eBay. Plus, the prices are heavily reduced and you are not paying double their original price because someone has labelled it as ‘Vintage.’ Take the Lanvin heart necklace for example, that was originally £1058 when someone took to buying it. On Covetique, it is selling for £300, still in almost perfect condition. So the reductions are pretty significant. Lets also take the Dries Van Noten Sequin bomber, which you can see me wearing above, and drooling over I might add. That was originally £2100, selling for £675 but now reduced to £473. The luxury bargains are seriously waiting there to be snapped up.

But my favourite piece was the Celine Jacket that you can see me wearing and pondering over in the photographs. A beautiful linen cropped jacket with leather sleeves and a buckle belt. This too was bought for an incredible amount of £2100, but reduced now to £500. After seeing me wearing this in photos on Friday, my mum rang me and told me I needed to buy it. I still haven’t quite decided yet, but I’m certainly thinking about it. It is absolutely stunning.

So, if youre looking for a piece of luxury that you just couldnt afford last season, head on over to Covetique as you’re bound to find something similar for an incredible price.

So this is the skirt I was mentioning, the £68000 skirt. 80 Nokia Smartphones strapped to a frame, displaying imagery in a very technical, fashionable hybrid. Awesome concept and a fantastic way to merge technology and the beauty of apparel. Each phone was showing snaps of colourful imagery, to almost look like the flapping of butterflies wings. It was also a great time to catch up with some blogger faves, with Helen Melon Lady, Lily Melrose, Zoe London Lipgloss and Leanne Woodfull all being invited to the show, so we could manage a quick catch up. 

Then it was onto the Fyodor Golan Catwalk A/W14 Show, which I must say I had an incredible seat for. So if I could describe the show in two words, it would definitely be Pink and Plastics. He had created a number of unusual garments, all created with what looked like ultra thin and crisp PVC, that crumpled and scrunched in every direction. Very Sci-Fi and perhaps hinting at the come back of leathers and PVC’s next season, yet the winner for me was of course the splash of pink. Pink wool knits, pink ultra fluffy knits, pink shoes, pink plastics, but all in this wonderful bright almost orange toned pink. A colour I will certainly be adopting for next season, and I just had to get a closer snap of those shoes. Pink slippers! They most certainly will be mine. 
After these two wonderful, stylish meetings, the day went on to include three more meetings, all of which were amazing; I just cant say the same about the journeys to them. But still, a wonderful time in London nonetheless, and an incredible day at Fashion Week. Thank you so much to Mission for having me. 
Heres to next season!

V x

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