Clarins Opalescence Spring Collection

Probably the best collection yet from this gorgeous luxury make-up brand and the kind of thing that gets you perfectly in the mood for a bright summer. Take a peek at the treats…

Well, there is not much more I can say about this collection other than, how shiny?! Everything looks so exciting and inviting and I just love the colours that Clarins have brought out for the spring. Corals and deep pinks, a touch of lilacs and silvers with the beautiful complexion bases for that ultra glowing summer skin. My favourite is probably the Shine Sheer Lipstick in Coral Tulip, that is just so moisturising and glossy when applied, but the most subtle coral pink youve ever seen. If you’d like to see me apply it, check it out in my lastest lipstick favourites video below. I’ve also fallen deeply in love with the coral peach blush, in a creamy texture, it doesn’t apply too much to the face, so you wont go overboard. But built up gently, you can get such a lovely peach sheen, perfect for the done but not done look we all love in spring. The complexion base comes in a few different shades and this is the very lightest, but works into the skin in a very light tone and gives a glowing complexion. It can be used alone or under foundation, although I must say that under foundation it doesnt give too much of an effect. I would recommend mixing with your foundation instead, to add a glow to your skin. But for me, I really need to try the second shade, to use alone on my ‘days off makeup.’ The lip perfectors and Miami Pink blush are Clarins classics, but I thought I would include them as they go so perfectly with a spring collection post. Miami pink is stunning as a cheek colour, really subtle but can again be built up to more than a light baby pink. And the lip perfectors, well, they’re famous for a very good reason. 


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