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Time Bomb Glory Days and Holiday in a Bottle

Glory Days Day Cream – £28*
Holiday in a Bottle – £28*

Once again I am late to the posting with these two beauties. Time Bomb Skincare is a range of products I wasnt previously aware of, and it is now one of those brands that I am so happy to have stumbled across. You can buy the range from QVC, Very or their website, and with the brand coming from the same team as John Frieda haircare, Im sure it wont be long until their popularity pushes them into high street stores. The idea of the range is to help women fight the war against ageing, hence the brand name. It stops the clock so to speak and keeps you looking radiant and beautiful. So what do I love about these two?

Okay so first of all, Holiday in a Bottle. At first I was a little unsure as to how, when and if I should use the product on my face, but thats because hearing the words Sun Kissed make me think self-tan and hideous facial nightmare. However when I first took the plunge and massaged it into my face like a moisturiser, I immediately fell in love with it. It reminds me of the Origins Vitazing when it is applied. It comes out as a grey tone and changes colour on the surface of your skin, adding a wash of beachy-glow bronze. It isnt too dark or harsh and just blends so beautifully into the skin to make it look like your skin, but better. Straight away I was taken with it and decided to leave it underneath my makeup as a base for the day. This is what Ive started to do now every day, adding this into my face about ten minutes before applying makeup and it just adds that glow to your face almost from within, that enhances the makeup you apply above. But you could also use it on its own for more casual makeup days and just add some mascara and lipstick.

Now onto the Glory Days Day Cream. First up, I love the packaging of this little rounded gem. The cap twists off to reveal the product cased inside with another little lid. The scent is extremely fresh and clean, nothing too overpowering or too floral. The actual cream is so lovely to apply, a texture I cant quite put my finger on, as it is super creamy but also retains a thickness that really feels hydrating as soon as it is applied. It definitely feels like it tones and tightens the skin after application and the skin feels bright and moisturised. It also leaves the skin feeling primed and ready for makeup, making this a brilliant base for every day. It is promoted to have four properties, to  moisturise, prime, even skin tone and brighten, so I can vouch for saying this does exactly what is says on the tin. Really adore this product now and it has swiftly become one of my every day moisturisers when my skin needs a boost.

What do you think of these products? Have you tried anything from Time Bomb before?

V x

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