Red Siren with Voodoo Vixen

LVNDR Snowflake Earrings*
ASOS Chelsea Boots (similar)

Voodoo Vixen Jade Dress in Red*
John Greed Pearl Necklace*
LVNDR Snowflake Earrings*
ASOS Chelsea Boots (similar)
Lime Crime Lipstick In Glamour 101

I tend to know what shapes suit me and especially what colours. With lilac hair, some colours just arnt quite right and I usually have to steer clear of some colours that I would love to wear. This was my perception of red. Although I love it on my lips, I wasn’t so sure that a full red dress could ever suit me, and yet I have found myself adoring this dress from Voodoo Vixen. I think the fact that it is so 50’s allows the colours to work really beautifully with the black check and collar pulling it back to my usual style. A red lip was perfect for this dress so I went with my Lime Crime Glamour 101, just one of a few Lime Crime Opaques I treated myself to last month in their Black Friday Sale. The boots are old from ASOS but I don’t wear them enough apart from these photos, apparently. They’re just so sleek and gorgeous, I adore them. Im so glad I took on something different with this, as I never would have gone for this dress usually. Sometimes it works to take risks and finally I can wear a letterbox red and feel amazing in it.

I hope you have an amazing Saturday! Im off out to take some photographs if the weather permits. Fingers crossed I get some amazing photography on the blog real soon. Watch this space.

V x

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