Orly Nail Lacquer in Oh Cabana Boy

Up until recently, I treated myself to a shellac nail manicure at my local salon. Having your nails prepped and ready at all times just makes me feel like a million dollars, so I figured the £35 or so it cost me a month was well worth it. However, after about five, I noticed my nails becoming a little weak and fragile, always snapping really low and taking off half of my shellac with it. So at the moment, I’m back to my usual polishes until they have repaired themselves slightly. This is where my bright, neon nail polishes come in, because as you know if you’ve ready my blog since the beginning, I used to be a sucker for the neon pink, coral and red nails. Last summer I did not take off the bright shades, so when I came across a new bottle for my collection, it was a must. This is Oh Cabana Boy, from one of my favourite nail brands, Orly. The consistency is always great, they apply well, last for a few days and always have the most incredible, vibrant colours. My favourite from last year was from Orly, so this may turn out to be my favourite of 2014. I don’t think you can beat a bright, neon pink for the summer, especially when it is so pretty as this!

Please let me know if you have any bright nail recommendations :)

V x

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