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Eating Honestly with the Snackorium

(Honest Foods Best of British Snackorium – £9.99*/month)

A tasty box of snacks delivered directly to your door…

(Honest Foods Best of British Snackorium – £9.99*/month)

I’m sure you will have all heard of Graze. The little box that comes through the letterbox filled with snacks. Well in all honestly, I presumed that Graze was alone in this endeavour and postage sized snack boxes were received only from them. Well, we can both think again, as there is another snack box making the rounds and this one is filled with something a little more special. Our Honest Foods, otherwise known as Honest, have brought out a yummy box of snacks, all produced on British soil. There may be some brands in there that you know already, such as Tyrrells Habas Fritas which I personally adore, but otherwise you will get to know a number of other amazing British brands. 
In this box was a whole host of treats from a yummy Yoghurt Popcorn bar to huge dark chocolate buttons with Organic Tea, dried cranberries, Cheese and Onion Hoots and a white chocolate and raspberry fudge bar which just got me all excited. Seven perfect snacks that you can carry with you to work every day for a treat. Now this is the December box, so January will home a new host of treats, as will every following month. I absolutely loved this concept. Discovering new and British brands in a snack formula, perfect for work lunches and those little after dinner snacks. Definitely something to try out for an alternative and everyone loves tasty treats being delivered directly to them, right?!

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