Chelsea Beautique Chestnut Eyebrow Kit

I don’t leave the house now without my eyebrows suitably filled and shaped. Even if I am not wearing much makeup, shaping my brows is one of those steps that I’ve realised is pretty crucial. It totally alters the shape of your face, your eyes and your overall look, so I would recommend everyone have at least a small eyebrow routine in place, even if it is just brushing through them with a brush.

Recently I tried the Chelsea Beautique eyebrow kit. Comprising of a two ended brush (shaper and filler), tweezers, a velvet carry case and the eyebrow powder, it also comes with five eyebrow shape stencils. Now I am not a huge fan of the stencils I must admit, so I didn’t actually use them, but for someone who is less sure about their eyebrow shape, these would be a great tool to use. The chestnut colour is also a tad too dark for me, and although I love a dark brow, I think I will only be venturing to use this for evenings out partying. But otherwise, I would go for the light or dark brown shades that they sell alternatively. But I still gave this a whirl and found myself loving it. I just used a little less than I normally would so the colour wasn’t too intense and I loved the result. The powder is really easy to work with and super pigmented, the tweezers are fantastic and the brush is great for shaping and then filling with the fluffier side of the brush. Im actually really impressed. Ive also got myself a fantastic eyeshadow brown here.

For someone who hasn’t used eyebrow products very much, this kit might be a lovely gift or treat. The case is a great feature and all of the tools make it really handy. For those who are already happy with their tools however, you can also just buy the eyebrow powders on their own for £15 and they will last you for ages due to how much product there is. Anything that makes eyebrow filling quick and easy gets the big thumbs up from me.

V x

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