Bring back the Sun

Mulberry Polly Pushlock

Missguided Mircia PVC Skirt*
ASOS Black Mix Vest
ASOS Photoshoot Pointed High Heels
Sheinside Beige Lapel Jacket*
Mulberry Polly Pushlock
Lime Crime Poisonberry Lipstick
Bohemian Collective Above Knuckle Ring*
Dandy Rocks Swarovski Sparkler Ring*
The O Necklace Initials Ring*
Love Without Measure Triangle Ring
Shop Dixi Knuckle Stone Ring*
Ted Baker Rose Gold Tip Nails

Photography: Mark Forrer

And yet I ventured to the great outdoors once again. This time in search for the sunlight and indeed the sunset, for the type of shot we eventually achieved. Whilst the sunlight here goes down over a rainy and wet British landscape and not a California highway or beach pathway, it still has its country charm. Dressed in my newest member of my shoe collection, the ASOS Photoshoot heels which I adore, we ventured over mud and soil to get to this point. Totally worth it I feel. Armed with fingers covered in my most beautiful rings and my favourite designer beauty in my hands, we found the sunlight.

The Mircia PVC skirt really is a gorgeous colour and would be perfect for an evening out, but be warned that it is rather fitted and walking is a tad hindered. But as I said, with tall heels on a night out, you will be able to get away with it if you love it enough. If not, just go for the mini skirt instead! I also really love this Acne dupe from SheInside, the beige lapel jacket. Cosy, warm and a 100th of the price. Wonderful.

V x

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