Sequins and Rouge

ASOS Chelsea Boots (similar)
Zara Jacket (Last Season)

Lavish Alice Burgundy Sequin Dress*
ASOS Chelsea Boots (similar)
Bohemian Collective Daisy Ring*
Michael Kors Runway Watch
Zara Jacket (Last Season)

Biggest apologies for not posting yesterday, although I have had a super busy week. Working for three days at the Clothes Show Live and then coming home to a fully packed weekend with friends. Not that I need to post every day, but as you may know, I do like to post daily for your viewing pleasure. Anyway, sequins have once again made an appearance as I am obsessed with them currently. Nothing says Christmas better than Burgundy for Christmas, so this is a pretty great party winner. It is also not too short, so perfect for those who don’t like tiny dresses in Winter. Layered with a gorgeous creamy camel coat from Zara, (where else?), this is a sophisticated party must have. Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

V x