Dove Hair Therapy Range

A full hair tutorial with Dove’s Style+Care Range

Dove has recently launched its new style and care range with a full list of products designed for creating the perfect style. As I was going out for a Christmas meal with Claire’s Accessories recently, I decided to give them all a go and see what I thought of the range. I used three of the four products, the cream serum, the nourishing serum and the heat protectant with the exclusion of the dry shampoo which I have used on a separate occasion and can safely say it is now my favourite. A gorgeous smells that is so much nicer than the likes of Batiste and others. In fact all of the products smell gorgeous. One of those beautiful hair product smells that everyone would love. So here’s how I created these cute bouncy curls.

Step 1. After washing my hair, I added a 10p amount of the cream serum to the lengths and roots of my hair to add shine and to reduce frizz after drying. It just makes your hair feel and react much better to the heat.
Step 2. After drying, spritz a few sprays of the Heat protectant through the ends of the hair and a little all over, to avoid heat damage from electricals.
Step 3. Curl, straighten or heat as required. I went for a barrel curler for large bouncy curls.
Step 4. Add a 5p amount of the nourishing oily serum to the ends of the hair and lightly through the lengths, to add shine and uniformity to the curls and to reduce dry ends. I also added this to the ends of my hair before drying.
Step 5. Voila, your hair smells and looks lush!
Step 6. For the day after or two days after, add the dry shampoo into the roots of your hair to give more life back to the hair and to keep your style for longer. 

And thats it. The products are all fantastic and I was so impressed with the results. The scent makes me love them even more, but they really do add such a difference to a hair style. I especially love the nourishing serum and the cream serum used before drying really adds glossy shine and body to the hair. Fantastic products again, but I would expect nothing less from Dove in all honesty.

V x

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