A Night with Dr Organic

Dr Organic Snail Gel* – £19.99

Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask* – £6.19
Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Scrub* – £7.19
Dr Organic Manuka Honey Skin Lotion* – £7.19
Dr Organic Moroccan Argon Oil Hair Treatment Serum* – £14.99
Dr Organic Snail Gel* – £19.99

This is a brand I’ve seen a number of times but never been sure exactly which products to buy. Quite often they are given out in sachets as sample sizes, but sachets are something I often throw away because I know I wont use them. However, when they come all packaged, the products look so inviting and exciting, so last week I had a pamper day and tried them all out.

Im going to start off with the snail gel because that is the one of most intrigue. Bear in mind that a lot of the skincare we use has ingredients in it from animals, that generally don’t bother us because we don’t know they are there. What you don’t know won’t hurt eh. Yet with this unapologetically branding itself as Snail gel, I think it will pull in loves or haters. I am not bothered in the slightest by the idea of it containing snail gel, as the idea of using the healing properties of snails I think is extremely clever. The gel contains Helix Aspersia Muller, which is a substance a snail produces in order to regenerate their skin and shell when damaged. Farmers who carefully harvested the snail slime found their hands to be really soft and any cuts were healing faster than was normal, so the healing properties and benefits were noticed. The slime is mixed with a few other beneficial ingredients and packaged up beautifully, so I am actually so taken by this. It applies like a really fresh and absorbant gel, smells lovely and fresh and is something that could work wonders for your skin. Big thumbs up from me on this one.

The other products aren’t much of a mystery but they are still lovely nonetheless. The virgin olive oil face mask contains all of the rich properties as you would expect but is blended with a natural clay formula. The clay draws dirt and oil out of the pores whilst hydrating and toning. Perfect for those that just need a good facial overhaul. The Moroccan Argon Oil is a lovely alternative to those already on the market. It leaves the hair shiny, smooth, frizz free and hydrated so perfect for applying just to the very ends of the hair after washing or even for a sleek style. If hair oils is something you haven’t thought about using, I would highly recommend them. I don’t dry my hair now without coating my ends in a hair oil as they make a 100% difference. The Manuka Honey Skin Lotion is another great product, filled again with natural organic ingredients and containing lots of moisturising treats. Perfect for those who need instant hydration to their skin and something that works. And finally the Rose Otto scrub is one of my favourite scents so I was immediately drawn to this. Containing tiny pieces of volcanic lava, this scrub works to massage away dead cells and support circulation whilst smelling divine.

It is hard for me to actually say which one of these is my favourite so far as they are all fantastic. Each one totally natural and perfectly thought through with each ingredient added for its benefits. If you’re looking for products that have been cleverly blended for the best results, then Holland and Barrett is a place you should probably visit. It is all about giving you products that work for the skin that don’t contain the chemicals that other high street brands do. I’m really really impressed by the ethos and I’m definitely a Dr Organics believer now.

Have you given any of these a try? Would you try out some of the Snail gel?

V x

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