Works of Art

The Lost Lanes Bob 2 Cushion*
Graffiti Lab Daniel O Connor Print*

I was sitting on my bed the other day and realised that I had collected some beautiful artistic pieces recently that I just hadn’t gotten round to reviewing. I love to write a good lifestyle and homeware post, as I like to see what other people decorate their bedrooms with. At the end of the day it is where we spend most of our time, so why not have lots of lovely things that make us happy. Two pieces I am recently loving are these two I’ve pictured. One being a beautiful cushion from the Lost Lanes and the other a special print from Graffiti Lab, based in Leeds. Whilst the frame is currently on the way for the print, I wanted to still get the image itself up to show you how stunning this print is. When it is framed, it will be a perfect piece of art for my room, and you may have seen in a previous homeware post that I do really love artwork and prints. Making room for it is another matter. I am also a huge polar bear fan, so I needed this cushion as soon as I saw it. So beautifully made, the cushion consists of the white front and beige back, both in a soft suede like material. It is perfect sat on my bed now and you may have also seen its appearance in some of my videos.
Both would make pretty amazing presents for Christmas actually, especially some one who is very creative and loves something a little unique. 

V x

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