Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy

Well, what a beaut. This eyeshadow is one of Urban Decay’s Moondusts, and like moondust it is super fine and shimmery. In this shade, it is a light, champagne gold with beautiful pigmentation and sparkle and whilst it does not apply as a full colour, it is perfect as a coating over others. I have been lightly sweeping this over any colour of eyeshadow when my eye make up is complete, and it adds such a gorgeous sparkle, almost like adding a glitter topcoat. It could be used alone to give a glittery eye look, which would look beautiful with a bright red lip and minimal eye make up, or you could build up a few layers so that it appears as more of a glittery champagne. But as I said, just a light coating is more of a glittery topcoat than a champagne eyeshadow. I absolutely adore this and have been applying it over my eyeshadow for every evening out. Just that little bit more sparkle that every lady needs. 

V x

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