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Soap and Glory In the Bag

(Soap and Glory in the Bag – £35*)

Apart from a lipstick I used and reviewed once, I have not really used many Soap and Glory products, although my flatmate is a huge fan. I always wander past the packaging in boots and think how gorgeous it all looks, yet I never know where to start. There are just so many lovely products that do slightly alternative jobs.

This is the Christmas set this year available at boots. Priced at £35 this would make a fantastic Christmas gift and I know these sell out extremely fast every year, so you might want to stock up soon. I have literally seen people in Boots stocking up on these with a few of them at the till. Not only do you get four full sized products, they all come wrapped inside a large travel case perfect for storing items in in your bedroom or even taking away for a short trip. But also, the satin shower cap this comes with is adorable.

Foam Call shower and bath body wash has a really fresh and bright fruity fragrance with orange oil, fig and jungle pomelo essence with a light creamy texture. Perfect for super foamy body washes in the shower to wake you up every morning. The Endless Glove hand cream contains macademia, shea butters and pomegranate, so the nutty flavours come through with a hint of fruit. So not too sickly or sweet, but much nuttier scents. Butter Yourself is an ultra nourishing moisture lotion with shea butters, orange, fig, almond, mango and moringa oils so again whilst fruity, the scent is kept fresh and more nutty almost with the almond and shea butters. Finally Pulp Fiction is a body scrub in the same scent as the shower gel, so perfect to be used together to wash and exfoliate. In fact all of the scents are very similar and would work perfectly used as a set, which is obviously the idea behind this collection.

Whilst I presumed that these scents would be overly fruity and perhaps quite sickly, in fact they are much more subtle and mature for want of a better word. They consist of scents that someone in their 20’s as well as someone in their 50’s would love equally, as I know my mum would love these scents too! This is something I would highly recommend as a present for someone who loves their shower gels and scents, plus the packaging is so exciting. Without a doubt this is worth the money and would probably put a huge smile on someones face on Christmas Day.

Are you a Soap and Glory fan?

V x

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