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Neom Scents of Christmas

As you may know, I am a huge Neom fan. I adore the packaging, the three wicks, the fact that they are made of essential oils so burn perfectly down the inside of the glass. Candles really make your room feel so warm and special, just from the flickering brightness in the corner, but even better if they smell incredible. I find that Neom candles can literally fill a room with scent and I often find myself smelling the air outside of my room as well, because the scent has lingered through the doorway. 
This Scents of Christmas set is absolutely adorable. I love the packaging, the gold, bronze and silver candle casings and the overall concept. Three mini Neoms is pretty special indeed. At £42, it is also a lovely way to give three scents a try, especially as one large candle is £40 itself. However, I would definitely recommend you give these a smell before you buy them. Whilst I adore the concept, I do not adore their scents quite as much. It might be my age perhaps, as I know my mum would probably adore them to burn around Christmas, however, they do not quite do it for me. Christmas Wish (gold), evokes the scent of a freshly baked Christmas cake. Whilst it does mimic this, I am not a big fan of the old Christmas cake favourite unfortunately, so thats probably just me. Harmonise (silver) mimics the Christmas tree scent with a fresh aroma, which is probably my favourite and actually really lovely. Comforting (bronze) mimics the cosy logo fire scent, quite woody and smokey and would be great to burn in the living room on cold winter evenings. 
I think these will smell actually lovely when they are burning and the true scents will begin to escape. I also think this would make a fantastic present for a female family member, especially to burn throughout December when the tree is up and the house is all excited about Christmas. Definitely scents to burn in a kitchen, hallway or living room rather than a bedroom I would say, which is probably why I wasn’t quite as taken on them on first sniff. Im a vanilla kind of gal. Yet writing this post and having them on my lap to write, they are actually growing on me vastly. Very mature and Christmassy scents that will be perfect for Christmas Eve. They are selling like hot cakes too, so if this takes your fancy, then I would snatch them up fast. 

V x

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