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My Favourite Place in the City

(Australasia Restaurant, Manchester)
A food and drinks post for lovers of good food

Australasia Restaurant, Manchester

Living in the City means that I get to try out a number of incredible restaurants as many times as my bank balance allows. I am a huge fan of eating out and would probably say that half of my wage goes on chowing down in lavish cafes, bars or restaurants every month. This month I wanted to take one of best girl mates out for dinner so we booked in at Australasia, a gorgeous Japanese restaurant tucked away underneath the Armani store in Manchester’s Spinningfields. You may know of the restaurant as the one that juts out of the floor, displaying only a glass triangle hiding a staircase leading downstairs. Ever since it opened a few years ago, it has been Manchester’s number one place to eat and be seen eating, not only for the incredible food and drink but the beautiful surroundings. For this reason, it is without a doubt my favourite restaurant. The staff are lovely, the food is delicious and the overall setting is stunning. They also created my favourite dessert of all time, the Mango Souffle which I quickly took a photograph of before I devoured it within minutes. Me and Lucy also helped ourselves to a couple of Kir Royale Cocktails also, as who doesn’t want a Champagne cocktail for dinner? I have been meaning to mention this restaurant for a while on here, as although I love my fashion and beauty, one of my biggest passions is food and drink and this is a place that you need to know about. Next time you’re in the city and have a few extra pounds to spend on food, make sure you book in here, in advance of course.

Talking of favourite spots in the City, Ive been told recently about a new competition you may want to enter. Smart have recently launched a new opportunity to win a Smart Edition 21 every week for 8 weeks, as well as lots of other great prizes. It is a digital treasure hunt across Manchester, Bristol and London and all you have to do is guess where they are hiding a Smart car. You go along to Smart21 and drop a pin on an interactive map to highlight where you think the car is hiding. Its as easy as that. If you guess right, you could win the car. Smart will also be sending out clues over Facebook, twitter and its microsite so you have to keep your eye on their social media. It is such a clever competition and one I thought you would all love to enter, so head over to Smart21 for more details. Good Luck!

V x

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