Hourglass Ambient Light in Ethereal

 (Hourglass Ethereal Light – £38)

(Hourglass Ethereal Light – £38)

I have had my eye on this beauty for a while. Whilst recently perusing and swooning my way through Liberty’s, I couldn’t help to stop by the Hourglass counter to swatch one of the Ambient Lighting Powder’s once again. There are six shades to choose from, from light to deeper shades, each with their own purpose of lighting the skin in alternative ways. I was torn between a few of them, especially when it came to whether or not I needed the Ambient Lighting Palette which includes three of the shades in one. Yet, finally I decided that the one I would use daily would be this one, the Ethereal light. A soft, cotton white powder, extremely finely milled and compacted. I use translucent powders every day to set my under eye concealer and to take away any shine on my face. I use the Real Techniques setting brush to pick up product and to apply exactly where I want it placed, leaving the rest of my skin bright and dewy. This compact was therefore perfect for what I wanted. The cotton white powder works perfectly as a setting powder, whilst being a little more white than my usual translucent powder. Whilst this doesn’t transfer onto the skin, it definitely makes my under eyes ever so slightly brighter, meaning that my under eyes look bright and beautiful. It also makes your skin look flawless and airbrushed out, so again fantastic over the apples of your cheeks to reduce pores slightly.

I am absolutely in love with this now, and for the amount of product you get inside this, it is highly worth the money. I have used translucent powders before with half this amount of product, so this one will last me for over a year I will assume. Definitely something I should have taken the plunge with months ago, but it is now a daily essential.

Have you tried one of the ambient lights? Which shade did you go for?

V x

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