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Conscious Skincare Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Butter

Conscious Skincare is a brand I have only recently come to know and use. They take a lot of time and care with their products, making them entirely organic and only adding ingredients that truly serve their purpose. They also only use recycled materials for their packaging and use solar technology to power their factory, so it is definitely brand with a clean conscience.

Admittedly, I tend to be lazy when it comes to applying body butters and body lotions and they all end up stuck at the back of a cupboard, only to be brought out in the case of a skin crisis. However, there a few that I try that do actually make their way onto my dressing table for regular use: this being one of those products. I adore the simplicity of the casing, just a simple silver screw lid and basic branding, nothing too singing and dancing, but the real wow is inside. The sweet orange and frangipani body butter smells just that. A sugary and very sweet orange scent with the frangipani coming through in the background. The texture though is the best thing about this product. When you go to take some of the product out with your finger, the air inside the butter crackles and pops like it does with whipped cream. It literally feels as though it has been whipped into the tub in an ice-cream frosting factory and sealed up as a tasty treat for your body. As such, the tub is super light-weight and barely feels like the product is tucked inside. I have never felt a texture like it, especially not for body butter, and it is this that I seem to love most. You take some of the frosting and blend it into your skin, in which it turns into quite a waxy and light buttery consistency; almost like it is blended slightly with petroleum jelly. So for those with dry skin, this would be a saviour in a tub. For others, this is just like applying orange frosting to your body, and theres nothing sweeter than that. Perfect as a gift for Christmas or for your own indulgence over the winter months. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more from this brand!

Has anyone tried anything from Conscious Skincare?

V x

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