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Clarins Extra Firming Lip and Contour Balm

Now that the cold, wintery weather is well and truly setting in up here in the North, it is time that skincare takes a front seat. Whilst I stick to a regime all year round, winter is the time when a few more products can be introduced as essentials for the couple of months leading to and following on from Christmas. Taking care of my lips is one of the things that has taken me quite a few years to master. You would think it wouldn’t be difficult to find products that work for your lips, but I have actually shifted from product to product trying to find something that really works 100% of the time. Whilst I do love my Carmex, it is lovely to have a super special lip product that you can rely on for a quick boost. The Clarins Extra Firming Lip and Contour balm is just that. Whilst it seems like quite a pricey purchase, a little will go a long way with the product. The little tub is filled to the brim and I would estimate that it could probably last you up to 6 months if you used it daily. It has quite a waxy texture, so keeps its form when you rub your ring finger over it to apply, again allowing it to last you for months. There is no real scent other than what I would describe as a mild minty scent that is barely noticeable, which is what I often prefer with lip products.

The texture reminds me slightly of vaseline, quite waxy in form and applies to the lips smoothly and firmly. Rather than having a product that is slimy or applies too much product at once, this can be applied a tiny bit at a time to leave the lips completely covered. It feels really light and lovely on the lips and leaves them feeling moisturised and full. This would be perfect for anyone who suffers with cracks or fine lines around their mouth as it would help to moisturise and fill out the lips. Lovely applied alone but also as a base before lipstick.

This is such a lovely product and one that I keep with me in my handbag now for everyday. If you’re a lover of lip balms and lip products, this could be something that you will love. Plus it would also make a great present for your Mum or family members for Christmas. Just a thought. 

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