Black Doesnt Equal Boring

I remember about 6 years ago being obsessed with the idea of owning a hamsa hand bracelet. They had become a huge craze in America and it was slowly getting more popular over here. Ever since, I have already loved to see it crop up here and there, but I have never seen it look as beautifully detailed as the way iamVibes design the symbol. You can pick up the design on leggings, sweats but also t-shirts such as the one here. This was a size medium, so looked great oversized, just over a pair of leggings, these being some of my absolute favourites. I was totally obsessed with Black Milk for over a year and in that time bought as much product as I could afford. So now I love it when I get the chance to style up a pair of leggings. I love the way they look tucked into these gorgeous Barratts boots, which I think have now sold out, yet Missguided do an identical pair, which you can find on the link above. Who said you shouldnt wear all black? If you’ve got pink hair, I think you can get away with it.

Barratts Boots (similar)*
H&M Denim Jacket (similar)

V x

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