Work Out Wear

Working out is a pretty big thing for a lot of people, I know it is for a lot of bloggers. So, seeing as I came home from America with an entire Nike wardrobe, I thought that perhaps I might give you some exercise inspo. Whilst some people may not see the need in looking good at the gym, I go to the gym for me and the way I feel. There is nothing worse that being at the gym, seeing yourself in the mirror and feeling crap about yourself. Instead, if you can look at your body and think you look pretty good, then your motivation is elevated and you are more pushed to keep working out. For that reason, it annoys me when people bitch about girls in the gym wearing make-up or buying full gym outfits. At the end of the day, if that’s what they need to make them go to the gym and be motivated to get fit, then let them be. With that said, I feel 100% better working out in this outfit than any other I have had, and the better I look the more I want to work out. So job done!

This crop is gorgeous and so comfortable and I dont need to wear a bra with it. The pants are snug, comfortable and pull you in at all the right places, so again create a flattering look. Both are perfect for the small amount of cardio I do and large amount of toning exercises. The trainers are not necessarily for running, they are a fashion trainer, yet I don’t do much cardio so these do the job I need them for. Plus they are gorgeous, so I needed to have them in my routine.

Hope this has helped :)

V x
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