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Travel Tips: Excess Baggage Dramas

We have all been in that dilemma. You’re away on holiday, enjoying every minute and you find an item that you desperately want to bring home, but you know that it definitely wont fit in your case.
Whilst away recently in America, I went through exactly that dilemma. But instead of resisting, I kept buying more and more and squeezing more and more into my suitcase until the point it would no longer close. Now on a camping trip, you cant afford to not have your bag shutting, and in fact, you cant afford to keep precious gifts and treats in a suitcase that is getting rained on a lot of the time. So I had to come up with a solution pretty quickly.
Therefore, I thought that I would share some tips with you on how you too could eleviate excess baggage dramas. It all depends on what sort of trip you are on, how desperate you are to bring things home with you and how much you need to bring home. Here are a few scenarios:
If you’re going for a week away or even months, there may be times when you need to get a more fragile item home faster. In those cases, it is worth nipping to a post office and sending that item back to your home, neatly bubble wrapped and secure. The price you pay on postage will be worth it just to get that item home in one piece and it means you do not need to carry it around in your jam packed suitcase getting thrown around. Make sure you also write fragile on the box to make the postman a little more aware. It doesn’t hurt to try.
If you’re going on a large camping or travelling holiday and wont need to carry your suitcase on your back, you should make sure you go as big as you possibly can. I thought that my suitcase was large when I was packing it for a three month trip. But actually when I got there, four of the lads on the trip had suitcases bigger than I did! It made me realise how small my suitcase actually was, and if I had realised, I would definitely have found a much larger suitcase so I could take much more with me. Plus, it would have meant I could have brought much more home.
Now if you’re like me, on a trip where you only have one big piece of luggage but actually no hand luggage, I would say the easiest option is to buy some cabin storage. When I was away, I headed to a local Target and found myself a cabin suitcase that would allow me to carry home more sensitive and fragile items in my hands, so I knew they would be safe. It was around $35 for the cheapest cabin case and it cost me nothing to take it on a flight where cabin luggage is already payed for, but not always utilised. You can take a handbag onto a plane with a cabin case, so utilise all of the space you have available to you!
On a long travelling trip, where you are constantly carrying a rucksack on your back, you cannot afford to be buying random items, as you will end up like a mule. In those types of cases, there are brilliant solutions from companies like Seven Seas Worldwide, who literally take items from one place to another seamlessly. I didn’t realise companies like this existed until recently when me and my travelling friend were questioning how to get a Las Vegas Starbucks Mug back to me in one piece. But companies like this do exist and all it takes is ordering some boxes from them, having them pick them up and they deliver to anywhere you want them in the world. Pretty awesome for those wanting to relocate to abroad.
Finally, it is also about how you pack your suitcase that matters. When you’re packing for your return journey, having picked up more things that you remember, its all about planning where everything is going to fit. At this point, do you still need that towel you’ve had for five years, or those flips flops that are falling apart. Or perhaps you could live without a few of those Primark tops or that old hair dryer. In that case, throw them away now and save yourself the space. Then make sure everything you put in your bag is neatly folded together. Folded clothing keeps everything super space saving. Then, can you fit smaller items inside your shoes or boots? Make sure you utilise any spare space that you may not have thought about. Throw away any toiletries that are almost empty. Your bulkier items, tie them around your waist or take them on the plane with you. From America I flew home in a huge chunky knit jumper and the security guard questioned me on why I was wearing it in the heat and over a cropped tee. You may look bizarre but who cares if you can fit in those five new dresses?
Those are just a few ideas on how to space save and bring back lots of holiday treats. I really hope it helps! And by the way, how beautiful is this Liberty Print Suitcase?

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