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Moroccan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

(My Salon Looks Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Duo – £32.40*)

(My Salon Looks Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Duo – £32.40*)
I know I’m not alone when I say I am a big fan of Moroccan Oil. After indulging myself with a bottle for my holiday this summer, I am totally hooked and quite frankly no other hair oil will probably ever compare. For that reason, I thought I would give the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner a whirl. I instagrammed a picture of these beauts as soon as I got them and must say I was slightly dismayed when a host of ladies replied with comments of disappointment and advice to only use sparingly and infrequently. Yet, of course I had to try them out for myself, so on a usual hair washing night, I broke open the seals.
The products smell as you would expect from this brand, with a scent similar to the oil. Quite a nutty and oily scent that I really love, that smells clean rather than anything else. I started to work the shampoo into my hair and although it cleans quite nicely, I didn’t feel as though I could get an amazing lather going. Yet, lathering doesn’t equal clean, in fact often the opposite and lathering is a marketing ploy to make you think the product is better, so I try not to be swayed by such things. Yet, when it doesn’t lather, I find it harder to really get into my scalp to scrub away any oils, as my hair just doesn’t want to budge. I added a touch more water and continued. It lathers enough to clean your hair and then rinses off nicely. The conditioner is probably the favourite here and goes onto the hair to leave it feeling silky and smooth. I would recommend you literally apply and then wash away the conditioner as I recently made the mistake of leaving it on for a few minutes and afterwards my hair was much more greasy than normal. But used quickly, it will soften up the hair and give it the shine and boost you need. Yet, I must agree that this isn’t a set I would use often, in fact probably once every two weeks to give my hair that boost of moisture and essential oils. Any more than that and my hair would definitely end up getting greasier much faster. One for those with dry hair and those who need a repair and moisture kick every few weeks.  
MySalonLooks also sell a whole host of the favourite haircare brands so its definitely worth checking out the site. Really easy to use, fuss free and free shipping, so its somewhere I will definitely be shopping in the future.
Happy Friday!

V x
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