Metropolitans from London Retro

I have been after a pair of black rimmed large glasses for AGES and finally I have my hands on some. I could not have chosen a more perfect pair for the shape of my face and the style I wanted and I am so so pleased with how easy they are to style. These are from a brand called London Retro who I was not so familiar with before, but their range of glasses in so many retro styles are gorgeous; you are sure to find a pair that are perfect for your face and style. I went with the Metropolitan’s as they were pretty much the largest frames they did and I wanted the ultimate pair of sexy geek chic glasses. Plus the price is amazing for such fashionable glasses for the season. MyOptique is definitely a store you need to check out if you’re after a new pair of killer specs. 
(London Retro Metropolitan Glasses – £79*)

V x
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